Philippe Jounin's home page

This is the home page for my open source projects.

You will find:

project description
tftpd64 this is my TFTP server, which has been downloaded more than 15 million times, member of the Artic Vault Program
uweb A tiny multithreaded web server with immediate setup
wordclocktwo An home made word clock written for arduino, raspberry or esp8266
wanem a GUI to remotely manage the netem linux driver
jinja2-live A jinja2 template tester
weekly-cal a guide (in french) to build an automation heating system using the domoticz framework and low cost wifi switches
Cheat sheets Various cheat sheets for linux, Z80 and 8086 assemblers (Yes i’m so old school) and a Jinja2’s cheat sheet reviewed by Ivan Pepelnjak here

other stuff

see my network blog posts (in french)

About me

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some projects

tftpd64 jinja2-live
qclock wanem